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The Athena goes into hiding

Earlier this year, the remains of the Athena were more exposed than they have been for a long time.


The wreck of the brig Athena in May 2016

But gradually the sand level on Penrhos beach has got higher and higher and now you’d be hard pressed to even spot where the Athena lies.


The Athena looking towards Llanddwyn May 2016


The Athena early October 2016


The last stubs of the Athena poking through the sand 25th October 2016

(Maybe she was fed up of being photographed so much!)


The wreck of the brig Athena

This is what remains of the brig Athena. The ship ran into trouble during a winter storm in December 1852. It was sailing from Alexandria to Liverpool; it seems particularly tough to have come so far and then meet with disaster.

Wreck of the brig Athena on Penrhos Beach, Newborough

Wreck of the brig Athena, with Llanddwyn in the middle distance and the Llyn Peninsula in the hazy background.

However, it isn’t a totally sad story because thanks to the courage of the local lifeboat men, the 14 crew of the Athena were rescued and taken to safety on Llanddwyn.

Now the Athena makes a beautiful and much photographed landmark on the long, and often deserted, Penrhos Beach (Traeth Penrhos) – the beach to the north side of Llanddwyn Island.

You can walk to the wreck either from the Malltraeth car park, or the main Newborough Forest car park. Its approximate grid reference is SH385645 and it’s about a mile and a half or two miles from either car park, or from the village.

Click here to see the approximate location of the wreck in Streetmap.