General information

(This simple map shows the main car parks around Newborough.

newboroughmap5 By car The main car park for the beach is at the end of a narrow lane that leads from the cross-roads in the centre of the village (between the cafe and the pub). The postcode LL61 6SG will bring you to the right road.  It’s about a mile from the village to the edge of the forest where you will (usually) have to pay a £4 toll (or buy an annual pass for £20 – both cash only) to allow you to continue driving for another mile or so on the forest road to the beach car park. On sunny weekends and bank holidays this route becomes completely gridlocked. This car park has toilets, a mobile catering van, a cold water outdoor shower point, picnic and barbecue facilities and lots of information boards.

For the time being, the smaller car parks on the edges of the forest and the warren remain free of charge . They don’t have toilets, but apart from the ones in the village they do all have picnic tables. They are:

  • Pen Cob at the Newborough end of the Malltraeth Cob, nearest postcode LL62 5BA and on the other side of the road heading back towards Newborough just a very short distance is the car park for Llyn Parc Mawr. These are great choices for setting off by bike into the forest without paying for the toll;
  • Llyn Rhos Ddu and Braint both off Pen Lon on the edge of the warren. The nearest postcode for both is LL61 6RS, for Braint turn left immediately after the roundabout;
  • in Newborough itself (Church Street and Pen Dref Street);
  • at Malltraeth (LL62 5BA) at the end of the Cob with a picnic area overlooking the Cefni.

Public Transport There are several bus stops in the village.  Buses come from Llangefni and Bangor.  If you are intending to walk to the beach, the shortest route is to get off at the Pen Lon roundabout and walk down through the Marram Grass car park (Llyn Rhos Ddu) and follow the trail along the edge of the forest – that’s a little less than a two mile walk.  Alternatively, you can get off in the centre of the village and walk down the main toll road (just over two miles and not at all pedestrian friendly for most of the way). Another option is to get off at Eglwys Bach (the old St Thomas Mission Church) and follow the footpath opposite, passing St Peter’s Church and across fields to the forest and then following the forest trails to the beach (also about two miles and all traffic free).

The nearest train station is at Bodorgan, on the main line to Holyhead. It’s a request stop with very limited facilities – but none the less lovely for that.  It is about four miles away from Newborough village and about two miles from Malltraeth and the cob. There is a footpath which is meant to follow alongside the railway line towards Malltraeth, but a better bet is to walk along the lanes (turn right out of the station, then right across the railway bridge and left at the road end) through the village of Hermon and pick up the Anglesey Coastal Path from there. bodorganstationsign

Bodorgan Train Station

Bodorgan Train Station

Newborough Village has a shop, pub, part-time public library (in the Prichard Jones Institute), chip shop and a cafe – The Red Squirrel. There is a mobile Post Office van that stops outside the P J Institute for a few hours each week (Mon, Tues and Thurs 9.00am – 10.30am).

There are several caravan sites in and around the village, Awelfryn (the one on the way to the forest toll) and White Lodge (on the road in from Dwyran and owned by the same family as Awelfryn) both have pitches for tents too. The White Lodge site is also the location of The Marram Grass cafe. Only very slightly further away is Ty Croes campsite on the outskirts of Dwyran – it has the added advantage of a vineyard which produces some lovely wines:)

Horse riding – to ride in Newborough Forest (where there are marked trails and a specially designated parking area at the Malltraeth car park on the edge of the forest) you need to buy a permit. For more information about this please contact the Newborough Forest Driving and Riding Society (formerly know as Traeth Rhosyr) 07503901736.

Cycling – Newborough Forest is criss-crossed with tracks and trails that are ideal for cycling. However, they are just tracks and trails and are best suited to hybrid or mountain bikes – it can be tough going for a skinny wheeled road bike.  You can extend your cycle ride by parking (for free) at Malltraeth and beginning your journey by crossing the beautiful cob.

Dogs – between 1st May and 30th September, dogs are not permitted on the beach between the main car park (at the end of the toll road) and the causeway to Llanddwyn (nor on Llanddwyn). This is the area of beach that is covered by the “Blue Flag” award for cleanliness, etc.  They can still be taken to the other beach areas and throughout the forest.

Wildlife – most of the area of the forest and dunes is a National Nature Reserve and wildlife abound here. The National Biodiversity Network website has species lists for many things that can be seen in the area. But just because something isn’t on a list yet, doesn’t mean you might not see it: there’s always got to be a first time:)

23 thoughts on “General information

  1. Angharad jones

    Please note new contact number for Newborough forest driving and riding society formally know as Traeth Rhosyr is 07503901736 kind regards Angharad

    1. Kay hortographical Post author

      You can buy an annual ticket at the toll booth on the way to the forest. Alternatively, you may be able to buy one by contacting Natural Resources Wales directly – 0300 065 3000 – and they can post one to you, I think.

  2. keith polhill

    Can you camp on the edge of the main car park or just onto the beach so you can see a sunrise/sunset . Only a little pop up tent for the evening ?

    1. Kay B Post author

      The ‘official’ answer to that has to be no… But there’s nothing to stop people from going down early or late. And people do go night fishing etc.

      1. Miss gater

        Hi, does this include kiddy sun pop up tents. (As far as not being allowed)…We are planning to go for a picnic and the sun tent is for baba

  3. Bass guitar

    Are there any time restrictions on the main car park? Is there a barrier which is down and locked at certain times or can one go down for a long/late evening/sunset visit?

    1. Kay B Post author

      Usually, these days, the barriers are down during the daytime only (when there’s someone in the kiosk, about 9am to 5pm). Most of the rest of the time they’re up…it’s a bit of a thorny issue and could change at anytime, but at the moment you can drive down in the evenings/mornings toll & barrier free.

    1. Kay B Post author

      Hello – yes, there are picnic tables at the main car park, the Braint and Llyn Rhos Ddu car parks (off Pen Lon), and the Pen Cob car park. There are barbecue areas at the main car park in the forest and that is the only place that barbecues are permitted. There are also picnic tables with a lovely view over the Cefni alongside the car park at Malltraeth village.

  4. brian

    I would have thought that a mention about not lighting fires anywhere on the site, beaches and forest, would have been an obvious one. There are many remains of camp/cooking fires in both forest and beach high water fringe. As a local, whose small business depends on the forest’s existence, I have asked two lots of picnickers to put out their fires this year alone. This needs addressing more forcefully, probably by large lettered signs immediately after the pay barrier on the way in. NO FIRES IN FOREST OR ON BEACH may be more effective than a great stitherum in the usual officious and ineffective style.

    1. Kay B Post author

      I completely agree and thank you for adding that. The same could also be said for the camping and associated human excrement and litter that is becoming a worse and worse nuisance in the forest and dunes: such a shame when a few thoughtless people spoil it for the rest.

      1. Alliepag

        Absolutely! I am so careful with my dog – and am disgusted at times with what the visitors leave behind even in the toilet block! Fires are a really big concern. Also applies in the hills up the Nant, at least the damage there would be minute in comparison to the potential damage at Newborough.
        The wardens have a massive clean up every day.

    1. Kay B Post author

      You can purchase them at the toll booth on the way into the forest. I don’t know if you can purchase them any other way or anywhere else. Natural Resources Wales telephone number is 0300 065 3000 – they should be able to advise you.

    1. Kay B Post author

      If you’re a resident of Newborough (proved by Council Tax bill), you can pay a nominal fee for a key. But it is only residents that can do this. If you live outside of Newborough you can buy a year pass, but only for the main car park not the residents’ one.

  5. jessie hughes

    Hi. I am coming with our walking group by coach from the Wirral on 22/08/17. Can you tell me the nearest coach parking or drop off point to walk through the forest, around the island,[tides permitting] and returning to Newborough or LLyn Rhos Ddu. I presume the main car park at the beach is not accessible by coach.
    Thank you
    Jessie Hughes

    1. Kay B Post author

      Hello – you’d best speak to Natural Resources Wales to double check. School buses do sometimes use the main (toll) road into the forest and there are two specific bus bays just inside the gate to the residents’ car park (just off the main car park) but you’d need a key to use those and only NRW could help with that, so I’d recommend calling them: 0300 065 3000. Especially as it is peak holiday season then and could be very busy.

  6. Brian Charlton

    Mobile Post Office
    Mon, Tue and Thu 09.00-10.30
    All services including access to bank accounts available.


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