Trialling treelessness…

Towards the end of last year, Natural Resources Wales gave notice that they planned to fell a four hectare block of the forest in order to establish an area in which to conduct “hydrological monitoring”. Off and on through the winter that clearfelling and site “preparation” work has been ongoing. The major works have now finished, the machines have left and the site has been fenced off…


The area clearfelled on the edge of the forest for hydrological monitoring.


NRW information sign for the hydrology trial site

The management of the forest is always a controversial issue and this trial is no exception…

The plan is for the area to be grazed: clearly that can’t happen for a while as the surface has been scraped and raked clear of all the vegetation that was there.  That is why the smart new fencing has been put around the area (to contain the future grazing animals), even though the forest is a designated open access area…

And then, in four years time, the area may or may not be planted with some scrubby/shrubby trees like rowans, hawthorns, hazels and birches.


Newborough Forest clearfell coupe April 2018


1 thought on “Trialling treelessness…

  1. Martin Shorthose

    Thanks for posting this. Being new to the area we’ve not been aware of the goings on in yon forest, and this is very useful information. I have to say I like the idea of the forest taking on a more native state when the trees are returned. Coniferous forest is all very well, and I’m glad we have a forest at all, but on walking through it, it’s always a delight to come across an odd specimen in a clearing that ISN’T Corsican Pine. An odd orange Rowan berry glimpsed between the tall surrounding trunks jumps out like jewel and really lifts the spirit. It’s not going to be commercially useful of course, but the emphasis seems to have moved from economics to ecologics, so hopefully that doesn’t matter so much.


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