A sad sight on the shore

This was a sad find on the beach: a stranded turtle. Sadder still because it was dead, and by the look of it, not long dead :(

2712penrhosbeach turtle004small

Stranded turtle, Penrhos beach, Newborough, 27th December 2015

I know next to nothing about turtles, but Googling this when I got home, it seems it might be a loggerhead turtle – several have been reported around the south coast of England. The Marine Conservation Society have appealed for people to report sightings of turtles around the UK (whether they’re dead or alive). I used their online form to report this one.



3 thoughts on “A sad sight on the shore

    1. Kay hortographical Post author

      He was actually quite big – more than two feet long and nearly two feet across: my photo doesn’t do him justice. And on that big empty beach he was small. I had another photo that showed his size better, but it also showed the horrible gaping hole behind his head and I thought it too grizzly to post! It was a very sad thing to see.

      1. suzielou52

        Oh yes , like you say the photo doesn’t show his size . Such a shame , tossed here by the stormy weather and strong currents ? Shame he didn’t survive

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