Froglets and flowers on the warren

In the forest, the first froglets started clambering out of the pools and ditches at the start of June. Those forest froglets were big, strong and quite golden in colour.

Today, out on the warren, some of the froglets in one of the pony watering holes were climbing out. These froglets are tiny and so dark they look almost black.

A tiny froglet making its way out of the pool

A tiny froglet making its way out of the pool

The water level in the pond has dropped meaning that the froglets have to clamber through sand before they can get anywhere: becoming completely coated with sand grains in the process.

...scrambling up the sand bank...

…scrambling up the sand bank…

...getting coated with sand...

…getting coated with sand…(there is a froglet here – right in the centre)

On the edge of the warren, a clump of hemlock water dropwort (the UK’s most poisonous plant) must have caught the eye of lots of people as a path has been worn to it through the scrub and rushes.


Closer still to the tide line, pretty little sea milkwort flowers carpet the path.

Sea milkwort (Glaux maritima)

Sea milkwort (Glaux maritima)

There are plenty of colourful orchids flowering, and plenty of twayblades too – also an orchid, but an easily overlooked one as it has fairly inconspicuous green flower spikes with two broad leaves at the bottom: hence the name twayblade.

Twayblade flowers

Twayblade flowers


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