Tamarisks were first introduced to the UK in the Sixteenth Century for use by physicians. They have become naturalised, particularly around the south-west coasts of the UK. There are a few “wild” tamarisks in Newborough Forest: they are very beautiful when they flower.

A tamarisk in flower,

A tamarisk in flower

tamarisk flowers

tamarisk flower buds

Tamarisks have sprays of palest pink flowers and little bobble shaped flower buds

In some areas tamarisks are considered a noxious, invasive species, but in Wales, at the limit of their ecological range, they are scarce and untroublesome.


One thought on “Tamarisks

  1. Barry Wrightson

    There is another beautiful example of tamarisk in the grey dune area SH38716551-ish, well worth a visit. It was rather pretty today (22 July), all covered with flowers, but you can see it suffers from dieback in this climate.


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